Packing … the great flirtation of a voyage

Suitcase in the City

Packing is the most optimistic part of a journey. Building your tool box – Chapstick, leather belt, and iPhone charger – you feel optimistic and in control, The Captain of the Journey.

Oh Captain, do tell, what happens when the taxi driver can’t find your hotel and his meter and your Lira are dangerously close to collision?

Selecting socks – 7 days, 2 optimistic sessions in the gym, and the sleek trouser style nylon/cotton blend that work well under everything – that highlight a fashion sense that will almost pass for Dutch in the right light.

Editing, noting, refining – The Captain’s attention to detail during preparation arrogantly assumes influence over the later outcomes.

The universe is waiting, hands, and winds, and wings of fate to make an adventure happen, ride the tempestuous inertia that follows next.

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