Dining Alone

At a slim 5’3″ with long blonde hair I don’t exactly look like someone who “needs” to dine alone on a Saturday night. But, one can only eat so many bland Hilton lobby bar dinners – so eventually during every work trip I venture out for local cuisine.

Anyone who’s travelled alone extensively will tell you, making conversation with yourself over Fava beans and a nice Chianti (forgive the literary reference, one too many glasses of said Chianti) is about as boring as a Hilton Bolognese.

So, I cheat with these tips:

1. Eat at the bar – while others are waiting for their table you can nosh some cauliflower gratin and you might also get chatty with your barstool neighbor. If not, at least you’re surrounded by people to eavesdrop on.

2. Try out the hot spots – when it’s just a table for one most restaurants can accomodate you for the super early or super late shift (they know you won’t camp out for hours). Plus, when it’s just one person dining that chic spot becomes a lot more affordable.

3. Dress to Impress: Nobody can make you feel like a loner unless you let them. Dress up, just like you would for a date, make it clear that your decision to dine alone is your choice.

4. Bring a Magazine – when all else fails, read and ignore the world.

Published by La Belle Valise

I work, I travel, and as often as possible, I make the two intersect.

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