Show Season

I am struggling with some real First World Fashion Girl Problems.

How does one properly prepare for a whirlwind five weeks of apparel markets, black tie parties, runway shows, and endless meetings with buyers?

In my line of work, in addition to all of the professional prep, appearance matters, so I’m needing a head to toe beauty detailing.

My Fashionista To Do List:

1. A manicure that can make it through five runway shows
2. The perfect black strappy sandal and/or peep toe pump
3. Pretty pink Burberry shellac pedicure
4. Eyelash extensions
5. Root touch up for a sunny golden blonde
6. Quick trim for a sideswept bang
7. Spray tan
8. Little black dress and a suburban vamp ballgown
9. Racer-back nude push-up bra
10. Seemless nude boy shorts


That is my “prep” list for the next week in anticipation of the Fall show season. While my sensible, college-educated, mature self finds this list ridiculous, my inner tween is squealing that I landed a job where personal appearance maintenance is just as important as boning up on the Wall Street Journal’s top read articles.

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