When Women Were Protected and Stupid

  • 6:00 the alarm goes off
  • 15 minutes of yoga
  • Shower, Shave, and Shampoo
  • 7:00 wake the angry, sleepy kids
  • Home-cooked breakfast
  • “Where’s my shoes”
  • Hair, make-up, and fighting a stuck zipper
  • Carpool drop-off
  • 10 hour work days
  • Cook the dinner, eat the dinner, complain, clean up the dinner
  • Laundry, groceries
  • “I need a new Sharpie for school tomorrow”
  • Run to the store, home from the store
  • Kids in bed
  • Deep breath, feet up, finally take off the four-inch heels

And, then I ask: “Did telling women they should have an education, career, and a family really make women’s lives better or did it just turn up the heat on the pressure cooker of life?”

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