Watching a Train Wreck Play with Fire

“Burrito plates are hot!”

Once upon a time, after about the billionth time burning my fingers on the scalding porcelain plate in my over-enthusiasm to get to a microwave burrito, I decided to commit this important lesson to my soul by repeating it fifteen times in a row.  Every once in a while I still forget, and burn my thumb, but more often than not the mantra jumps into my head and I grab a hot pad, or the edge of my sweater.

But, how many of these stupid mistakes do we repeat again and again, without ever truly absorbing the lesson? 

  • Cutting your hair on a whim
  • Lunch with THAT ex who crushed your heart
  • Buying a Faith Hill album
  • Calling your bossy older sister when you make a huge mistake a work
  • Turning left without a green arrow at 5:45
  • New heels on a slippery floor
  • Ordering a Chalupa

All of these are lessons that, in theory, one should only need to learn once.  We KNOW that the ex is going to be just as big an ass clown today as he was long long ago, and that a Dorthy Hamill bob barely even looked good on Dorthy Hamill, oh and Faith Hill had one good song, in 1998, and hasn’t made another album worth buying since.  

All that said, I’d rather continue to be the optimist who believes that maybe, just this time, I’ll find the ceramic sweet spot and move my bean and green chili delight from microwave, to counter, to belly, unscathed… so I’m going to continue to repeat the same old mistakes and consider them nostalgia.

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