Making Plans

Hypothetically speaking,
If our last exchange was unfriendly
Followed by nearly a year of radio silence
When you asked me if I wanted to get together, I was hesitant.

I don’t want to get sucked back into the drama that we create.

But, I agreed, and friendly chatter ensued, until it came time to make plans.
You are unentangled, no demanding family obligations, complete career flexibility, not a single place you need to be.
My life is complicated, arrangements have to be made for everything I do, calendars blocked off,
schedule, juggle, compromise
You know that.

So, when you say you can’t make specific plans yet but that you want to get together,
knowing what seeing you costs me, you’re really saying “I’ll be in town for a few days, if it’s convenient for me I’d like to catch up but you’re not important enough for me to commit to a time” my same frustration with you as a friend all along.

Yeah, hypothetically speaking, that makes you an asshole.

Published by La Belle Valise

I work, I travel, and as often as possible, I make the two intersect.

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