Dear Gentlemen, it’s too bad about this whole feminism thing


I stumbled upon a sad little blog the other day full of angry little trolls huffing and puffing that white men had become the marginalized minority, discriminated against, marginalized, and silenced. Between the venomous lines of hate, I read quite loudly the longing these men shared to return to the “good old days” of masculine power and white privilege.

I couldn’t help but want to scream, “You chose this! You gave your power away; you squandered it with violence, war, greed, and tyranny.”

The problem is, gentlemen, that the men who came before you destroyed the status quo you loved so much; they proved that you are not to be trusted with power.

For centuries, we gave you a pretty good deal: at home your woman provided three hots and a cot (made up with linens hand-washed, starched, and embroidered with dainty flowers as symbols of our devotion) and the great privilege that comes with assumed male superiority, and all you had to do was foot the bill and not behave like neanderthals.  But, too many of your brothers and fathers took advantage of these Sevres handcuffs. You left bellies empty, black-eyed wives,  and wounded young bread winners on the battlefield of pointless wars, and so we got fed up.

We warned you with small actions like Abigail Adams’ letter where she urged our newly formed Congress:

“I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.”

But, you gentleman refused to listen. You refused to concede your complete rule over female education, bodies, finances, suffrage, and sexuality and so we warned you again, louder, refusing to be quieted until full rights of citizenship were granted.

But, still, you refused to recognize our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You attempted to block our access to effective birth control, to reduce our income through unfair wages, and to pass insulting laws and laughable sentencing guidelines against sexual predators and domestic abusers. And so again, we expressed our displeasure, burned our bras, marched in the streets, and reminded you to keep the promises of our founding fathers. Instead, you patted us on the head and gave us Cosmopolitan Magazine and Roe vs. Wade, but you didn’t listen.

That’s okay. We don’t need you to listen. Because quietly, behind your backs, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We started to make things happen, one college degree, one Tupperware party, and one pink-collar promotion at a time.

We became doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and politicians – in spite of your tush pinching, bra snapping, subtle discrimination of low expectations.

We earned spots in your armed forces, even though sexual violence against our female troops was routinely used to humiliate, degrade, and marginalize those who tried.

We bought trucks, guns, groceries, houses, and tickets to NFL games – and you listened to our dollars, even when our words were silenced.

We shaved our legs, or not, on our own wims, and many of you started a little manscaping of your own.

And then one day, after ignoring our requests for millenia you looked around and realized that the laws of physics you’d enjoyed so much, had changed. White men no longer controlled the conversation simply by nature of less inky melatonin and the existence of your dangling participles. You’ve now arrived at the day where you have no choice but to listen to the women who surround you.

You report to us, appeal to us for leniency when you run stop signs, and pay $29 per month simply hoping one of us will decide not to swipe left on your selfies.

Oops! Sucks to be a late adopter then find out the price went up, doesn’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Dear Gentlemen, it’s too bad about this whole feminism thing

  1. You mistake the individual for the collective.

    These are not the guys who did all the things you mentioned. I didn’t do all of these things, even if I happen to be white, straight and male. A person is not responsible for the act of a loosely defined collective. You’re allowed to be angry, but you’re blaming stuff dead people do on people who didn’t do it, or weren’t even alive back then.

    By making the same mistake you did, I can also go on a relentless attack on women. We can go into the whole ‘women like jerks’ thing. I won’t, though. Because what do I know about these people to make these assumptions?

    I also wonder what’s the obsession with white guys. Are feelings of black people and Muslims so important we don’t need to speak whenever they make songs about beating up women for having sex (NWA, A Tribe Called Quest) or whenever a women is executed for being a women?

    1. True, you didn’t do it (necessarily) the “collective” did, and the collective royally screwed up a pretty good thing for you. Which was my point, as I was speaking about past-tense tyranny and mistreatment.

      But, instead of being mad at modern women and minorities for taking what β€œshould have been ours all along,” be mad at the pompous patriarchs who came before you and robbed you of a pretty good scam.

      You can’t blame the prisoner for escaping his bonds; you can only blame the bailiff who made those shackles so intolerable.

      1. The problem is that I see in a lot of feminist discourse less discussion about misogyny, and more about those Whitecismalestraight.

        You’re creating a common enemy. It’s an emotional appeal and a very dangerous one that generates only hostility. This isn’t about the feelings of whitecisstraightmale. This is about improving our discourse to further our cause.

        I also wish you’d comment on why it’s always white people.

      2. The whole post is about those with the power, historically, and how badly they blundered the privilege. Here, in America, that’s straight (or pretending to be) white men. Had the historic leadership shown more restraint, compassion, and generosity of spirit they wouldn’t be leaving you (who didn’t cause it) as the victims of their bad behavior. But, they did cause it, then left you holding the bag.

        I’m not “mad” at anyone. Just pointing out that had those who came before you behaved better, you’d feel less marginalized now.

        The real question, why do you continue to defend them, and continue to associate yourself with them? They left you with a steaming mess to clean up. If you aren’t like them, then my pointing out their mistakes shouldn’t bother you.

      3. Isn’t it America-centric to just talk about white men, especially when nowadays the oppression in Islamic is much worse? If we help the oppressed, shouldn’t we first give voice to those who are too busy hiding to speak up about it?

        I’m not holding any bag or feel marginalized. The whitestraightcismale is just an enemy created to have something to punch.

        I’m not defending them. Why do you mean by associating with them? I can’t help being male and straight – I wish I was born asexual, really. My skin also happens to be fairly pale, but is that enough to associate me with all these people? I’m actually a Jew. We’re instructed not to talk too loud in Hebrew or wear kippas overseas so we won’t get beat up.

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