Kids Cruise Packing

Plenty of websites give direction when it comes to packing that cruise carry-on, or providing extra tips for things to bring along to make your trip easier, there are even websites focused on how to sneak booze on your cruise ship. But, when it comes to packing lists for kids, the resources are limited. ForContinue reading “Kids Cruise Packing”

Avoiding the Office Urinal Cake … and other career tips

Once upon a time I worked as a Barista at a ski resort alongside a rowdy snowboarder crowd. My colleagues enjoyed the odd Friday afternoon adult beverage, and although I was not of legal drinking age, they’d occasionally invite me to join them. Now, I’m not one to shy away from a margarita, but shootingContinue reading “Avoiding the Office Urinal Cake … and other career tips”

It’s Not All About Me

One of my best friends, with whom I’d lost touch when she moved back east, had a baby today. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She called me, not about the baby, but because she wants a divorce. My little sister, my BABY sister, told me at lunch today that she was diagnosed withContinue reading “It’s Not All About Me”

Bending Over Backward

Every once in a while I really manage to piss someone off.  Not just kinda, we’re talking nuclear grade, maximum emotional-button-pushing, pissed off. I managed to do that this week to a level that resulted in someone almost walking away from a multi-million dollar deal. My offense? I said I was “bending over backward” toContinue reading “Bending Over Backward”

Zen and the Art of Sightseeing

I am one of the fortunate souls who doesn’t get jet lagged. Perhaps that’s just my biology, but I think it’s probably my approach to International travel. My Routine for Avoiding Jet Lag: 1. Sleep En Route: While people will encourage you to avoid alcohol when travelling I am a strong advocate for a glassContinue reading “Zen and the Art of Sightseeing”

A Code No One Understands

Sitting in a noisy corner of a quiet bar there’s a story tickling the corners of my mind, a song of Pirates, Cowboys, and runaway mothers on spring break – abandoned in a forbidden and foreign place. There are lying lies, and the damn liars who tell them covetous addicts, and drunks, Telling stories without telling the storyContinue reading “A Code No One Understands”

The Umbrella of Arrogance

I’ve started a dozen posts, then stopped them, because I don’t want to share those thoughts. I’ve posted a dozen photos, then deleted them again, self-consciousness eventually overwhelms every endeavor. I used to write, until my writing became too much of a tool that could be used to judge, or potentially judge (perhaps only inContinue reading “The Umbrella of Arrogance”


Last week was definitely one for my adventure log, unfortunately it was also accompanied by context which makes it all sound far less exciting.  But first… Friday morning, last, I awoke at 6:00 am, showered, shaved, and shampoed, grabbed my trusty green carry on, my white patent leather Ted Baker tote, and a go-cup ofContinue reading “Ballin’”

Figured Out Foolishness

I was talking with an old friend, who is also arguably the most miserably unhappy person I’ve ever known, but in that 40 year-old frat boy sort of way … of all the people who should be seeking self actualization! He took me aback when he commented with pride that he had life “all figuredContinue reading “Figured Out Foolishness”


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