Medallion Status & A Passport Stamp


Next voyage, Chicago, where I once lived and haven’t visited in over a decade, not since September 11, 2001, when my life (and the world) changed forever.

Stamps overlapping on a watermarked page, adventures represented by Visas to exotic locations.
A Medallion Status tag dangling from a well-worn carryon bag, highlights the accomplishment, education, and adventure of voyage.
These stamps, segments flown, and frequent flier miles earned are proof that one belongs to a special community.
To be a traveler is to be unafraid of the unknown, and a citizen of the world.
Places seen cannot be unseen, cultures experienced make one’s own culture more and less distinct.
Stories shared in beachside stands of Cartagena, Columbia, maps read and misread in Beijing, China, and friends made in Ubud, Bali forever become a piece of the fabric of “Me”.